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Emergency and Trauma

Mercy's Emergency Department and its Level II Trauma Center provide board certified doctors, skilled surgeons, sub-specialists, and all the necessary support services and equipment to care for all medical conditions including seriously injured trauma patients on a 24-hour basis. This includes monitoring all phases of care from pre hospital transport to rehabilitation. Mercy is one of only a few hospitals in the nation with a dedicated Orthopedic Traumatologist.

Mercy Medical Center Redding is the hub of a three-hospital system, which comprises Dignity Health North State. Our area spans 100 miles along Interstate-5, California’s primary north/south corridor. Our sister hospitals are Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta, approximately 60 miles north of Redding, and St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, in Red Bluff.

Mercy Medical Center Redding provides a broad array of specialty services including a comprehensive Heart Center, Regional Cancer Center, Outpatient Surgery Center, Women and Children Services, Surgery suites and the Redding areas only Level II Trauma Center.

On behalf of our caring and dedicated health care team, welcome to our Medical Center. Thank you for the opportunity of caring for you or your loved one.

What to Expect if You Visit

A Mercy Medical Center volunteer typically will meet you at the front desk and direct you to a registered nurse at the triage desk. Triage is the beginning of your medical treatment. Triage is a process to help determine the severity of your condition and to make sure that the emergency doctors see patients who are in the most urgent need of medical care first. The triage nurse will ask you what medical purpose brings you to the Emergency Department; gathers a brief medical history from you; and performs a brief evaluation of your condition. If someone’s condition is life threatening they may be taken to see a doctor before you.

The triage nurse follows medical guidelines to initiate limited diagnostic tests in order to move patients through the emergency process quicker. A patients need for the use of a special room or a specific piece of equipment may also affect the order in which you are seen.

In an emergency system, patients are not seen in order of arrival but in order of medical priority based on a scale of life-threatening conditions. We have great concern for your well-being and general state of comfort. Please let the nurse, volunteer or admissions team know if we can get something for you to make you more comfortable.

Registration is the process in which we meet with you to obtain the necessary information to begin your personal medical record also known as a chart. Having your medical insurance card ready during this process is a big help. Please know Mercy does not refuse treatment based on your ability to pay and the registration process will never delay or interfere with the delivery of your care.

What Happens Next?

Once you arrive in the treatment area, a doctor, nurse practitioner and specially trained nurses will continue caring for you. Your nurse may start an Intravenous line to administer fluids/medications, obtain a blood or urine sample or send you for an X-ray if that is appropriate. Our goal is to have all patients seen by a medical provider quickly. Evaluation in the emergency department usually takes up to three hours (during peak times you may be with us longer). If specialized diagnostic tests are needed, we may need more time to process the tests and get the results back to the emergency doctors.

The treatment space inside the emergency department is very limited. Initially, relatives and friends are asked to remain in the reception area. We do this to better meet the needs of all patients and to ensure their privacy is maintained. However, parents can accompany children under the age of 18. Mercy offers a full-service cafeteria, which is open from 6 am to 2:30 pm and 4 to 7 pm weekdays, in addition to offering a coffee kiosk and vending machines.

After the doctor has completed the initial medial evaluation, one family member or friend is encouraged to stay with the patient. For the privacy of other patients and for the safety of all, it is essential that the visitor remain at the patient's bedside while inside the treatment area.


Once all your test results are available, the emergency doctor will re-evaluate you. Based on these results and your condition, your doctor and nurse will discuss a plan of care. You may be discharged from the emergency department or admitted into the hospital. Your private doctor may be contacted to help in this decision. If you do not have a doctor, one will be assigned to you.

When can I leave?
If you are discharged from the ED you will be given "after-care" instructions to follow at home. It is very important that you understand and follow these instructions. Most importantly, be sure to follow up with your private doctor or the referral doctor assigned to you. Before you leave, please make sure all of your questions have been answered. We are here to serve you and make sure all of your concerns have been addressed.


We understand that no one wants to be a patient in the emergency department and we understand you or your family may be upset and frightened by your illness or injury. Our staff is highly trained to provide the best medical and nursing care available. After you leave Mercy, if you have any comments or suggestions please call the Director of the Emergency Department at (530) 225-7245 or e-mail mmcrwebfeedback@dignityhealth.org and your message will be directed to the right person.

Your Satisfaction
At Mercy Medical Center Redding we are dedicated to making your visit with us as comfortable as possible while providing the highest quality, compassionate care.

We strive to exceed your expectations!

Shortly after your visit to our ED, you may receive a patient survey. Your response to this survey is a very important part in our continuous efforts to meet our commitment to you. Please fill out this survey and send it back. Your comments and insight will help Mercy serve you better if you or a loved one should ever be in need of our services again.

Thank you for choosing Mercy.

Important telephone numbers for our patients and visitors are:

Emergency Department Director  (530) 225-7245
Emergency Department  (530) 225-7200
Ambulance/Emergency  911
Ambulance/Non-Emergency  (530) 225-6290
Mercy Medical Center  (530) 225-6000
Mercy Family Health Clinic  (530) 225-7800
Administration  (530) 225-6103
Free Physician Referral  (888) 628-1948







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